Savannah Deliverance Center -   "Where the Book of Acts Continues"
Welcome And Thank You For Visiting!
A special word of thanks for visiting our website today. Savannah Deliverance Center is the headquarters church for Deliverance Evangelistic Centers of Georgia, Inc.
Savannah Deliverance Center
We take this opportunity to extend a heartfelt and sincere welcome to you today.
May this Ministry and its congregation offer you the opportunity to grow spiritually. We trust that the message today will uplift and encourage you as we share together in fellowship. May your burdens lifted, may you feel comforted and as the Lord reveals His plan and purpose in lives, may you be inspired and encouraged to become involved in one of the many ministries that this body has to offer.
Please feel free to visit us in person at any of our sister churches.
Remember GOD FIRST for a Super 2019-2020 Year.

THEME:  "Serving With Love"

That's Why I am Safe In His Arms
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